New York State set to outlaw purchases of Steak, Beer, and all seafood on food stamp card.

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Bills set to be passed in the New York State Assembly will forbid Steaks, Seafood, and Beer from being purchased on food stamps..


“The program was set up to help those in need with good nutritional assistance and it’s out of control to where it’s not nutritional food items that they’re purchasing, it’s soda and all the fatty junk foods and it’s on the taxpayer dimes,” said Brattin, a Republican who has sponsored legislation, dubbed the surf-and-turf law by The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, that would prohibit food-stamp recipients from using their benefits to purchase “cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood, or steak.”

Food stamps should pay for “economical, healthy food choices,” but instead an “out of control” black market for the EBT cards has spawned as a result of there being so few limitations on what can be purchased with them.

“By removing some of these more high end and junk food items, the luster of the program will be lost and the black market will be lost because who’s going to want to buy into a system where you’re not able to purchase anything and everything you want to purchase,” he said.

For the same price as a package of cookies, Brattin said “a healthy fruit item” can be purchased. Food stamp recipients should learn to “budget your money just like everyone else has to.”


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