Revenue Hits/Intango for bloggers: an honest review

Webmasters are always looking for ways to increase earnings.

A new site called “INTANGO” has emerged, which is a repackaged Revenue Hits.

Our Review:

Revenue Hits/Intango is an Israeli based company that pays “top dollar” with a sleek interface. But let’s dig in further.


Ease of Use:

Setting up is a cinch, no problems to log in. That should be a warning sign.

Decent, not good, not terrible. Roughly $.50 per mil. Yes, they do pay, on a per 30 day basis.


Revenue hits popunder advertisements leads many users to believe they are being infected by Malware. Many advertisements show a mockup “blue screen of death” that may frighten users.

Second, a website that we’ve worked on before was suddenly taken off of Revenue hits. Why? “Fraud,” and after a 3 day “investigation” it was put back up, but we suddenly lost $300 worth of revenue. Why did they assume “fraud?” We had a traffic spike.

WARNING: We do not recommend Revenue Hits/Intango. The popunder ads and banners are misleading and sets off malware alerts.



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