Monthly Archive: May 2016


Sponsored Link BLM Trans activist arrested for urinating on Chick-Fil-A floor in protest of Trans bathrooms

Raleigh North Carolina- Black Lives Matter and Transgendered activists are fighting back against Chic-Fil-A’s policy of not having Gender Neutral rest rooms, leading to one arrest last night.     Shamonique Roberts, a transgendered...


Sponsored Link Do the elites hate Trump because he will reveal UFOs and Roswell to the People?

Donald Trump is hated by the elites, but a new theory has come to light, one involving Roswell.     Donald Trump Not Illuminati Member Admits Newt Gingrich! Illuminati Ritual Donald Trump Not Illuminati...


Sponsored Link Are Feds and UN using Tuberculosis and Zika to limit Population with Agenda 21?

Is the United Nations and Globalist Government so desperate to implement Agenda 21 that they are purposely infecting the people of America to lower it’s population?   Read this bombshell report:    Four refugees sent...


Sponsored Link Weird America: Obama admin greenlights sex change ops for “trans” toddlers, paid for by Obamacare

Amid controversy about President Obama’s decree to force schools to allow transgendered Children, the Obama administration’s Obamacare may provide tax payer subsidies for Transgendered tots.   CBS news discussed the trans children tragedy: She...