BOMBSHELL: CNN, Hillary Clinton support Agenda 21 FEMA camps, Population control

It looks like Hillary and Bill are ardent supporters of “Agenda 21” with food riots, FEMA camps, and population control:



United Nations Agenda 21 certainly appears to be The Big Secret, but it’s no secret at all. Ever since George Bush the Elder made the announcement in 1994 regarding “a new world order”, Agenda 21 has been public knowledge.

Even before that cryptic public Bush Sr. announcement, which most Americans didn’t even catch, btw, Agenda 21 was passed by virtue of the UN summit held in Venezuela in 1992. Agenda 21 has been available online for all to see since shortly after that. But most Americans don’t even know what it is, right? Why is that?

bush41_agenda211Let me point out another very important fact: Most Americans support getting the USA out of the United Nations. We see how unhealthy it is, that the UN would put Muslim terrorist nation leaders in charge of anything really says all we need to know about US involvement in the UN: Get the US out of the UN! Yet, US leaders are involved in what they call “DEDICATED TO A STRONG US-UN RELATIONSHIP“. Why are our leaders going against the will of the majority of Americans? And why have they been ignoring us for decades? That’s because US leaders don’t represent American citizens anymore. They are on their own, using American taxpayer money to fund all of their plans, while ignoring the will of the people. Use our money but ignore our wishes? That sums up the US government today.

Agenda 21 calls for “Sustainable Development”, another word for “Population Control”. The UN and participating nations pretend it is all a good thing, that it’s about protecting the planet (which it is) and about slowing polution (which it is). But there if much, much more to it than just protecting the planet.

One of the ways which Agenda 21 seeks to ‘protect the planet’ is by eliminating more than 90% of our planet’s population. That would mean that you and I have got to go…killed…assassinated…genocide. Disease, perhaps? Some suspect that all of the most recent diseases which have plagued our planet over the past 20-30 years were intentionally released on the Human population in the hopes that it would become pandemic and that more than Occupy-Bilderberg-201290% of the population might be eliminated (a nice way to say “Murdered by intentional disease”). Even if only 5% or 10% were taken out by AIDS or Hepititus C or Mad Cow Disease or Ebola Virus or even recent strains of Influenza, George Bush Sr. and company (George Bush Jr., Bill & Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama are all onboard with this “New World Order” effort, as well. More on that later…) would be on their way to their goal of eliminating Human life to the tune of the 95% percent mark, which leaves only 5% of Mankind alive to carry on.

These bizarre diseases are not just happening by themselves. American scientists, along with German, British, Scandanavian scientists as well as scientists and physicians from the other NWO nations, are busy conjuring these diseases up. They are on a mission, and definitely not a mission from God. These people are straight up evil, wealthy, arrogant as hell and determined to accomplish their goal of “Sustainable Development”. They fully intend to eliminate more than 90% of Earth’s population, which is their estimate of how many Humans the Earth can sustain while keeping the planet healthy.

Of course, the 5% who get to survive probably don’t include your family or mine, but instead include all of the world leaders who are involved in this planned genocide, such as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Queen of England ElephantDonkeyMasksand her staff and family of course, the Bush family, the Clintons, Obamas and other billionaires and millionaires who are deemed “worthy” and/or “necessary” for the long-term sustainment of planet Earth. Entertainers and producers will likely be on the “Save List”, since Hollywood has played such a big part in manipulating public opinion for these people planning this New World Order via UN Agenda 21.

If you Bing “Agenda 21″ or (God help you) google it, you’ll find links to the UN’s webpages which post the actual document that was passed in 1992. You can read it for yourself. It isn’t a secret. The reason is seems to be a secret is because the media isn’t talking about it at all. Can you imagine that? This is the Bilderberg Group’s plan for the Earth’s future, for the destiny of Mankind which is planned to unfold in the very near future, yet the media hasn’t said squat about it yet! Why is that, do you suppose?



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