#NeverTrump and Mormons: Link between cult church and organization EXPOSED

What do Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, and Jason Chaffitz have in common? Two important things, they are Mormons and they are Never Trump activists.


Donald Trump has a Mormon problem, and he is going to lose the Utah primary because of it.

Trump is polling far below Ted Cruz and John Kasich in Utah, a state that is more than two-thirds Mormon. Mormon voters in Wyoming and Idaho — the states with the second and third largest percentages of Mormons — have already rejected Trump and have awarded their delegates to Cruz.

There are a number of clear reasons why Mormons will not support Trump’s candidacy. Members of the Church of Latter-day Saints are typically very socially and culturally conservative, so it’s not surprising that they dislike the candidate who was once pro-choice, who has defended Planned Parenthood, and who has not laid out a clear opposition to same-sex marriage.

“Trump, both in his private life and his public persona — his crassness, his affairs — all of that kind of thing offends Mormon sensibilities,” said Matt Bowman, an associate professor of history at Henderson State University and the author of The Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith. “Mormons place a high premium on being nice, and Trump is not nice.”

Mormons also have a deep memory ofreligious persecution, and Trump’s Islamophobia, bigotry, and rejection of Muslims is “certainly something Mormons find distasteful,” Bowman told ThinkProgress.

There’s also a class issue at play in Mormons’ rejection of Trump. “Mormons generally tend to be better educated than average Americans, their income tends to be higher, and it’s widely known that that’s precisely the opposite of Trump’s demographic.”

And perhaps one of the most high-profile Mormons, former GOP nominee Mitt Romney, has vocally spoken out against Trump and has done everything he can to stop his rise.

Those reasons will cost Trump the primary in Utah, and they could also cost him the general election. A recent poll found that Utah voters would elect a Democrat for president for the first time in more than 50 years if Trump is the Republican nominee. The poll found that to be true, whether Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders secures the Democratic nomination.

But the results of that poll have wider implications than just Mormons’ rejection of Trump.

Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins, who is Mormon and wrote about why Mormons dislike Trump, said that “Mormons make up the most reliably Republican religious group.” But Bowman said that has not always been true, and it’s changing. Mormons are becoming less conservative and the church is growing less partisan. As the religion becomes more and more diverse and global, its members are becoming less solidly Republican.

While Utah becomes less Mormon and less Republican, Mormons are also transitioning away from being a heavily homogeneous religion centered in the American West to a more global group, with members of various nationalities.

“The church is now majority outside the United States,” Bowman said. “In a decade or two, Spanish will be the first language of the Mormon world, rather than English. So as that is happening, the church leadership has worked to distance itself from American partisan politics.”

In the mid-twentieth century, the church was far more involved in partisan politics than it is today, Bowman said. The institution has actively tried to shake the perception that its members are solidly Republican, and its leaders have spoken out about how Mormons can belong to any political party they choose.

That shift has also occurred as the religion has taken issue with the Republican Party’s stance on issues like the environment and immigration. “Both of which, the church has embraced officially more of the progressive opinions than Republican Party orthodoxy,” Bowman said.

More than 1.3 million Mormons live in Mexico, up from just 240,000 in the 1980s. Largely because of the exchange between Mormons in America and in Mexico, church leaders have supported more open borders and better treatment of immigrants in the United States.

On climate change, Mormons align more closely with the Pope than the Republican Party. While the church has not specifically taken a stance on the issue, caring for the earth is a moral and spiritual issue for its members.





Back in 1843, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, supposedly delivered a message known as “The White Horse Prophecy” that declared that one day, when the U.S. Constitution was hanging by a thread, the Mormon people would rise up and save this nation.

This is how Brigham Young reportedly explained it in 1854:

Will the Constitution be destroyed? No; it will be held inviolate by this people; and, as Joseph Smith said, “The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread. At that critical juncture, this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction.”

In 2010, the LDS church issued an official statement that “the so-called ‘White Horse Prophecy’ is based on accounts that have not been substantiated by historical research and is not embraced as Church doctrine,” but that didn’t stop Glenn Beck from repeatedly invoking it as he campaigned for Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee in Utah over the weekend.

Beck spent all last week declaring that God has spent the last 10 years preparing and sanctifying his audience to rise up at this very moment and save the republic by electing Ted Cruz as president. But when he went to Utah, Beck made it unmistakably clear to his fellow Mormons that God is using them to save America because evangelical Christians “are not listening to their God,” a reference to southern evangelical Republicans who have voted for Donald Trump.

When Beck spoke at a rally for Sen. Lee’s re-election in Draper on Saturday, he explicitly invoked the language of the White Horse Prophecy.

“It’s something that Utah needs to hear,” he said. “The body of the Priesthood is known to stand up when the Constitution hangs by a thread. I am a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 2000. What attracted me was not only the truth of the message, but also the people like President [Harold] Lee and President [Ezra Taft] Benson, who knew exactly who we were, knew who we were as a country. Many times, what held me through was the prophecy that the Constitution will hang by a thread and this people would remember what our founders did. It is our responsibility to stand for the Constitution!”

Beck echoed that message while campaigning for Cruz in Provo, telling the audience that he had a “special message for the people of Utah.”

– See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/white-horse-prophecy-glenn-beck-tells-utah-god-has-chosen-mormons-save-america-electing-ted-#sthash.KtsQIaaK.dpuf




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