Shocking: Queen Elizabeth says she will “TAKE BACK USA” if Trump wins

Queen Elizabeth is NOT amused.

The Queen of England has issued a promise to her subjects that she will invade the United States of America if Donald J. Trump is elected President in November of this year.

“Should Mr Trump be elected we will take back America by force and place it once again under colonial rule,” her Majesty said in a statement this morning.

The announcement has received mostly a positive response, but many critics have seen the Queen as merely taking advantage of the swell of anti-Trump feeling in the country after a petition calling for the banning of the real estate mogul from entering the UK received over 500,000 signatories.

In the mean-time the Queen has ordered the armed forces to start preparations for an invasion this November.

Her Royal Highness is also hoping that the current President Barack Obama succeeds in the disarming of the American people saying, “They won’t be able to have another Revolution without their guns.”

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has been tasked to design a new Red Coat uniform should the invasion go ahead.

“We’re going with the classic Red Coat look but with a 21st Century edge to it,” Stella said today.


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