Libertarian Candidate: “GRAY” Johnson is a globalist, covering up Roswell as Governor

Gary “GRAY” Johnson has some explaining to do, hoodwinking the Libertarian Party into becoming it’s nominee while advocating for a New World Order and covering up the Roswell incident in his home state.



But if Johnson is running as a Libertarian (again) to fill the vacuum in the movement left by the Paul dynasty, it’s curious that his first major announcement included a pledge to eliminate some Americans’ personal liberties.

Johnson’s explanations for his anti-hijab pledge in the Reason interview made no sense: “Under sharia law … women are not afforded the same rights as men … Honor killings are allowed for under sharia law and so is deceiving non-Muslims.” Those are both great reasons to ban burqas if it can be proved that burqas commit murder, or if wearing a burqa eliminates the US government’s ability to afford women equal rights.

But his reasoning even sounds stupid within the bounds of Johnson’s own politics: a peddler of libertarian economic theory should be familiar with the concept of people doing things against their own self-interest, and the supposed reasons that the government should nonetheless not intervene.

Johnson’s paraphrased comments in the Reason interview don’t make him seem any smarter. “Under a burqa, how do you know if a woman has been beaten?”, he supposedly wondered. I don’t know, Gary, under a shirt, how can you tell she’s been either? How about under pants? Or under underpants? Maybe women should be nude for evidentiary purposes; every (privatized) police force can have a Hubba Hubba Flying Squad.

The Reason writer added, “Sharia, [Johnson] insisted, was not an expression of religion but of ‘politics’,” which is one of those distinctions that sound damning if you’ve never learned anything about most religions – and Gary Johnson doesn’t deserve a free pass on that.

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Johnson has assuredly heard of Prosperity Gospel, which has been shoveling the economic theories of people like Gary Johnson at evangelicals for years. One could certainly dismiss entire chunks of Christianity as spiritually branded control of women. And Johnson wisely kept mum on whether his burqa ban would apply to, say, offshoots of Haredi Judaism, some of which demand that women clothe themselves in burqa-like garb (and which could not be painted as a font of grrl power).


Johnson’s anti-burqa stance isn’t about women’s rights, and it’s not about rolling back patriarchy. For one, rock-ribbed libertarians regularly reject the idea of legal mandates that are helpful to women – like equal pay, which supposedly merely rewards people who fail at negotiation and punishes private ownership. Johnson’s fatwa on burqas is just an effort to prohibit a visible, photogenic totem to capitalize on a political climate of increasing anti-Muslim hatred and paranoia. The ban is just Trumpism swaddled in a headscarf.

If Gary Johnson intends to rescue Libertarianism from the likes of Rand Paul, good luck. Rand Paul sold out his Libertarian cred in order to profit politically from nativist voters’ desire to combat the alleged Muslim problem over there. Johnson proposes to opportunistically tackle the same voters’ problems with Muslims over here, by suggesting that we violate the rights of consenting adults and overrule millions of parents who practice a religion of which its political demonization plays to the cheap seats.



Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson Says Roswell Alien Researchers ‘Pretty Close’ to Having it Right

November 12, 2010

Tonight’s Two Turtle Doves-in-Palmer event that welcomed former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson also spurred a little light-hearted back and forth about the infamous UFOs and aliens in Roswell, N.M. Johnson, either sarcastically or dead serious, said upon his first election (he served two, four-year terms) that he was briefed in a basement and that the folks in Roswell were “pretty close” to having it right as to what happened there X amount of years ago.



Also, the Governor sure hasn’t revealed what happened in 1947….

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