Monthly Archive: June 2016


Sponsored Link Price Chopper ranked as the worst Grocery Store in the United States in 2016

July 1st 2016- Price Chopper Grocery, going through a remodel and rebranding, and for good reason. Consumer reports has just rated the Schenectady NY grocery store as one of the worst in the United...


Sponsored Link Clinton team to tap Orlando shooters ex-wife as a “Diversity adviser”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign made a shocking statement today, considering the ex-Wife of the Orlando gay club shooter to be her “Diversity adviser”     Satora Yusufiy, an immigrant from the former Soviet Central Asian...


Sponsored Link Obama bin Cheatin? Report emerging Michelle Obama never gave birth to Sasha and Malia

Obama bin cheatin? Bombshell reports have just emerged that Michelle never gave birth to her “daughters.” Yikes. Now, rumors are circulating that the two daughters were adopted, possibly from Morocco. Similar to their father,...


Sponsored Link Government silent on “brain eating amoeba” found in Upstate NY lakes

Upstate New York is getting in deep trouble.   Now a teen has been found dead after a brain eating amoeba found in freshwater lakes made him die.   Sources say the Amoeba originated...


Sponsored Link Three Upstate Chinese Restaurants found serving dead roadkill to customers

North Carolina, Upstate New York, and North Florida residents may be eating General Tso’s Deer, or Rat Fried Rice, according to a shocking expose of the eateries.     A North Carolina woman filmed...


Sponsored Link Putin warns Trump ‘New World Order has you in their crosshairs’

Brave Vladimir Putin has delivered a scathing attack on the New World Order and warned Donald Trump that the ‘secret cabal’ have him ‘in their crosshairs.’ ‘There is a secret cabal above the elected...