Albany woman arrested after defecating on suburban Trump fan’s lawn caught on tape

Averill Park-


An Albany woman was arrested today after he had been caught on camera defecating on a Trump supporters yard, and was caught on the homeowner’s security camera.


Jurella LaTone, 23, from the Arbor Hill, was a passenger of a 2003 Toyota Camry and was seen exiting the car and “pooping” on the yard, in broad daylight.


Neighbors were shocked in the pretty suburb as loud rap music blasted from the car, covered in Hillary Clinton bumper stickers as marijuana smoke wafted from the car.

The car then backed up, hit the mailbox, and tore up the yard.


The police caught it all on tape and LaTone was arrested at his home later that evening.


The driver was given a ticket for reckless driving.


This is similar to a California incident.


This is bad news as officials now report Upstate NY is the worst place in the United States to live:

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