Trying to buy flowers at Price Chopper in Bristol, CT. Because of broken liquid soap on the floor, I fall and couldn’t breathe from pain. None of the “associates” tried to help me get up. Thanks to some customers after 15 min, I pulled myself together and filled out a report as the procedure goes. They send it to the headquarters and told me to wait. I received a letter from them that wanted more details and the hospital report, that I had to go because my whole spine moved from me falling on my bottom, and I stayed two weeks on painkillers. Long story short, after six months of waiting and the hospital wanted me to pay the bill, I called Price Chopper and they had the guts to tell me that the floor wasn’t dirty, no one witnessed the fall although the store’s shift manager was there and the store is not reliable for what happened. They don’t want to release the report and told me that do whatever you want, we don’t care. No security cameras can be released and no report, store policy…. I have never felt more insulted and abused from such people (Chris **). I am not trying to sue and make money, I just wanted them to pay the hospital bill because I have no insurance and I am stuck with 1500 $ to pay… Shame on Price Chopper and the who represent them…! Shame, shame, shame.