Monthly Archive: June 2016


Sponsored Link After Orlando’s tragedy, Demos #filibuster for common sense #gatorControl

Democrats are filibustering in the Senate after the Orlando Disaster, for Gator Control   Senator Blumenthal, CT “Alligators are dangerous animals, and we must restrict access to the dangerous alligators from exercising the ability...


Sponsored Link SCANDAL: Judge rules TSA cannot “pat down” women in Burqa as it violates their religion. What can go wrong

Apparently patting down women wearing burqas at airports is not happening anymore, as a Judge ruled that such a treatment violates the Burqa wearing women’s right to religion.   The Council on American-Islamic Relations...


Sponsored Link Uncovered plans by Dems show Zika FEMA resettlement planned in swing states VIDEO

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is turning the Zika crisis into a political epidemic. As she faces a tight election, Barack Obama may begin placing people from key swing states into Federal Emergency Management Agency, or...