Chefs weigh in: Lobster is by far the most overrated food in America. Expensive, gross and deadly

The classy sea insect is getting a second look: Lobster is overrated according to chefs.


Not only is it nearly $10 a pound, but it is filled to “the gills” with green toxic sludge that the diner must pull out with a fork.


In addition to the arduous effort to actually get to the “meat,” Lobster may also poison people with “red bloom,” a mysterious allergic algae that can cause dizziness, diaherria and vomiting.

Overrated: Lobster
“It’s so popular but has little flavor, is very expensive, and the best-tasting pieces are the knuckles, which are very hard to get out.”

This March coastal officials have been on high alert north of Lambert Bay, West Africa. The alarm was raised by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries after satellite images taken last week confirmed that the annual natural phenomenon of red tide was slowly moving ashore.  The wave of toxic red tide has seen tons of Africa’s West Coast lobsters stranded after a walkout from the sea.  Officials were moving fast to get the stranded lobsters back into the sea and avert a potential disaster, but some end up dying along the coast.  These mortalities are being identified as a direct consequence of low oxygen in the water following the decay of the red tide bloom in the near-shore waters.


Overrated: Fancified Seafood
“The most overrated seafood to me is super-fancy seafood — I don’t get why it’s been decided that certain seafood will be held in overly high regard. Lobster is, and can be, really delicious, but everyone thinks it’s this super-fancy ingredient, and it once was very cheap and considered a low-class option. It’s good when you eat it chilled or steamed with butter, but there are other things you can do with it when you don’t have to regard it as so precious. Who doesn’t love a lobster roll?  I also really like lobster fried rice. Other examples of overrated fancy seafood are caviar and sturgeon. Sturgeon is really expensive, but it’s actually been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and is actually very earthy tasting.”

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