#BlackLivesMatter mob shut down Interstate 787 Saturday night

Black Lives Matter, but apparently bar goer’s fun times do not matter.


Mobs of Black Lives Matter protesters shut down 787 in Albany tonight as several marched against the “injustices” of the 2 dead men.


More than 50 people were arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest that shut down I-9787W  for over two hours. At the same time, Jamar Clark, the 24-year-old north Minneapolis man who was shot by police Sunday, was taken off life support and has died, family members said.

The shooting happened early Sunday morning on Plymouth Avenue North. Police were responding to a report of a man, later identified as Clark, assaulting a woman.

On the way to that call, police were notified that Clark was interfering with paramedics. Police say there was a struggle when they tried to arrest Clark and an officer shot him.

Witnesses have said Clark was handcuffed at the time, but police and state investigators say it appears, preliminarily, that was not the case.

Relatives of Clark told WCCO that he has been taken off life support and has died.

Black Lives Matter held a press conference at 9 a.m. Monday demanding that the video of the arrest be released, as well as the names of the officers. They also called for Mayor Betsy Hodges to ask for an independent federal investigation.

Around 6:45 p.m. Monday, protesters walked onto westbound lanes of I-787 near 7th Street and Broadway Avenue, just north of downtown Albany. As WCCO-TV cameras followed, one protester said, “We’re shutting it down, we’re shutting it down!” Another protester then then stepped between the cameras and him, urging “Don’t talk to white media.”

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