Kanye West Moving To “Country Like Africa” Because USA “Too Violent & Racist”

LOS ANGELES- rapper Kanye West has announced that he’s leaving the United States to move to Africa in the wake of all the racial tensions flaring up across the country.

Kanye said he wishes to seek a peaceful, non violent “country like Africa” to take up residence. Kanye ap parently has been scoping out the different places he might live in, but hasn’t been pleased with the options as of yet.

His first visit was to Botswana, but the inability to get stable 4g cell phone coverage forced him to try other countries.

He’s reported looking at Liberia next, according to sources, but hasn’t received the reception he had hoped for.

Kanye reportedly arrived in a traditional African robe with diamonds encrusted through the elaborate designs, and was almost attacked by a mob of people who overpowered his security team.

“We don’t want him here.” Said Liberia’s minister of tourism. “We wish he would stay in the USA. His music is garbage, and we Taylor Swift here. No self respecting Liberian will ever forgive him for that.”



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