Clinton allies face blowback after calling Veteran “crazy” and “unhinged” over Trump Purple Heart

A veteran with PTSD gave Donald Trump the “purple heart,” awarded for combat bravery.

Snide Clinton aides have been exposed calling it a fake, and the effects of PTSD as false, and he is undeserving of the award.


From the gross site:

Sure McCain and other Republicans still endorse Trump, but take heart: By a delicious irony,reports suggest the Purple Heart given to Trump was, like all things Trump, a fake.

The man who gave Trump his purple heart told me earlier today, it was a copy of his purple heart.

Your fake worthiness is rewarded, Donald Trump, by something as phony as you.



In addition, leaked sources CONFIM that Hillary aides have called Trump’s fan who awarded him as “unhinged” and “disturbed.”

The SSA explains


In recent years, policymakers have examined the interaction of two federal programs that provide benefits to military personnel with service-connected disabilities. In September 2009, the Government Accountability Office issued a report recommending that the Social Security Administration (SSA) increase its outreach and collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve access to Social Security disability benefits for military personnel wounded since October 2001 in operations in Afghanistan and Iraq (GAO 2009). Also in 2009, both houses of Congress introduced legislation known as theBRAVE Act1 that would certify veterans judged by the VA to have total disability (that is, having a combined rating of 100%2 or a rating of individual unemployability [IU]) as meeting the medical requirements of the disability programs administered by SSA. Essentially, a veteran with a rating of total disability would not have to undergo the medical portions of SSA‘s disability determination to be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. The veteran would have to be insured for disability in order to qualify for Disability Insurance (DI) worker benefits and could not be engaged in substantial gainful activity (SGA).

With a focus on DI, the research reported herein is part of SSA‘s work toward increasing coordination between the VA disability compensation program andSSA‘s disability programs. It is important to understand that DI and the VA disability program serve different purposes, have different definitions of disability, and may not integrate well. This article highlights the intent and provisions of each program, and then presents data on the historical interactions between them using matched administrative records from the two programs. It also examines the probable outcomes had the BRAVE Act been enacted.

VA Disability Compensation

The VA disability compensation program pays benefits to veterans who incur an injury or contract a disease that is service-connected—that is, the result of disability incurred in, presumptively related to, or aggravated by their military service. VA evaluates and rates each service-connected disability (injury or disease) with a percentage value from 0 to 100 according to a schedule established by regulation.3 For veterans with more than one disabling condition, VA combines the individual ratings into a single combined rating and rounds it to the nearest 10%. Disabled veterans with a combined rating of 10% or greater are entitled to compensation in the form of a cash benefit. A single- or combined-impairment rating of 100% constitutes total-disability status. As the accompanying tabulation shows, higher disability ratings entitle recipients to greater benefit amounts.

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