Report: Winn-Dixie now ranked ‘dirtiest’ grocery store in the United States

Winn Dixie has been around since 1925, and it appears that they haven’t cleaned the joint since it opened.




“Sullen workers and often dirty store”
2 of 5 starsReviewed January 1, 2016

Too often the workers are too busy chatting to each other and not paying attention to the customers. Why am I the first one to say, “Good Morning!” Although MUCH more convenient to go there, I find that I am now going out of my way to go to Publix

The People Have Spoken:

I’ve been to 2 Winn-Dixie stores.   Both were pretty filthy.  One in particular was pretty horrible overall from start to finish.  The parking lot was in crappy shape with pot holes throughout, the store wasn’t clean, there were flies and gnats all over the produce section, some of their fruit was mushy and nearly rotten, and the icing on the cake is when I purchased 4 cans of frozen apple juice and when I got home, I discoverd that 2 of them were OK, but the other 2 had been expired for a long while, though I purhchased all 4 from the same shelf.

I was so unhappy with the overall experience from start to finish that I wrote to their corporate office, which is something I’ve rarely ever done.  I got a followup call from their office, and a second call from that store’s manager, apologizing for my experience and offering a gift certificate to make up for my trouble.  I went to the store to pick up the certificate and was told that it didn’t exist.  So my shopping experience was horrible, they offered me a certificate to make up for my trouble and they managed to even screw that up…

I also dislike their little membership card that you need to apply for and carry in order to get a lot of their savings and cheaper prices.  I hate that.  Stop playing games, don’t require me to apply for your silly card and just give me the cheaper price, please and thanks.

Great looking produce
Tasty chicken wings/drummies!  (buy during the daytime when they are fresh)

Prices MUCH higher than Publix.  Some items 50cents or more higher.
Self-scan checkouts never worked properly and always had to have Cashier come fiddle with the machine.
Deli workers always gave me major attitude.
Cashier gave tourists in front me a hard time b/c they didn’t speak Spanish and
Small parking lot



Winn-Dixie is SO dirty. I have found some things to be cheaper there compared to Publix, but not by a lot…I’d rather not loathe grocery shopping to save 75 cents. Employees are rude.

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