Monthly Archive: August 2016


Sponsored Link Feminist Woman accuses Pokemon go creature of raping her in her sleep

In a truth in stranger than fiction moment, a woman thinks she is so desirable that a cartoon lizard from PokeMon Go is raping her in her sleep. Daily Mail     Police say...


Sponsored Link Baton Rouge residents fearful as gators swim down posh streets in 2016 flood

The media isn’t reporting how big and dangerous the floods in Lousiana are, focusing instead on the drama of the Presidential race.┬áBut now alligators are now swimming down luxury avenues in Baton Rogue.  ...


Sponsored Link New York and New Jersey to make drinking coffee, smoking while driving a crime

New York and New Jersey are going to make smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and applying makeup a felony, equal to drinking and driving.   Top Democratic officials explain:   Put down the coffee, bagel...