Monthly Archive: September 2016


Sponsored Link Russia Develops Weapon That Stops Nuclear Missiles In Prep For War With US

In preparation for a full Ariel and ground assault of the United States, Russian military scientists under President Vladimir Putin have developed a weapon that can immediately prevent and disable any nuke that is...


Sponsored Link Obama’s NASA admits to spraying cities with Anti-Depressant Drug Chemtrails

NASA is now admitting that they’re spraying the atmosphere with chemtrails under Obama’s administration:     And before you call this a conspiracy theory, read what NASA said: Lithium alters how we think by...


Sponsored Link Forever 21 and Party City tied for 2nd worst company to work for in the USA 2016

Forever 21, and Party City, two retail giants, come in second place according to the Wall Street 24/7 report conducted earlier this month, along with independent reviews.   Why the tie?   Our...


Sponsored Link SHARE: Hillary Diagnosed With Dementia, Only Six Months Left To Live

Hillary Clinton, The 68-year-old Democratic Presidential Nominee, who has repeatedly denied she is battling serious health issues, has “never recovered” from a serious blood clot in 2012  which “triggered” the degenerative disease. And she...