Hillary spotted wearing “Harambe fur” shirt at Florida event, animal rights activists furious

Hillary Clinton has been caught on film wearing not only a $12,000 jacket for the poor, but now she has been wearing the rare fur of slain Gorilla Harambe in Florida this afternoon.


The Gorilla perished by a gunman in Ohio and has become a legend.


So legendary that Hillary Clinton is wearing his fur as a good luck charm.



When asked about the coat, Hillary simply coughed her way off the stage.



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Peta Protesters outside of Hillary’s HQ in Brooklyn:



PETA is furious, explaining why they can’t back Hillary anymore:


Susan Jane Walbaum, head of PETA Brooklyn:


“It’s bad enough HiLIARy has decided to wear fur, but to wear the fur of the slain gorilla Harambe is in bad taste, we demand that she suspend her campaign, give the fur back to the zoo, and then issue a speech on Animal Rights.”

Walbaum is endorsing herself as President, saying both Trump and Hillary are unacceptable: they eat meat.



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