Comcast Ordered To Pay $1.2 Billion To Customers For Sleazy Misleading Promotions

DENVER- Comcast has been ordered by a federal judge in Colorado to pay $1.2 Billion to all of their customers for misleading promotions. Comcast Xfinity actively trained it’s employees to tell customers calling in for sign up services or technical support that they were eligible for free upgrades of higher speed internet on their accounts. The agents would not tell the customers that the signups included additional charges as well as cancellation fees, which the Colorado State Attorney General said was illegal and constituted consumer fraud.

The Colorado, Washington and New York Attorney Generals’ offices brought joint class action law suits against Comcast back in January over the allegations of consumer fraud. It was determined through a special investigation that Comcast’s fraudulent upgrade promotions was being perpetrated from the top, and the cancellation fees were not legal to collect. Customers who brought up that they did not know they were agreeing to a contract were told that after verbally agreeing, they were emailed the details of the agreement with the cancellation fees included in fine print, and that they had 30 days to cancel. Comcast defended the promotion, in which the company said that even though comcast agents were instructed to lie to customers and tell them that the promotion was a free upgrade, the customer should have seen the fine print in the emails with the verbal contracts they agreed to over the phone.

Comcast plans to appeal the verdict.


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