Report: Comcast ranked worst company in USA according to customers and employees


Change the channel.


A new ground breaking report has put the tech giant in the ugliest light, showing that is now the worst company in the United States.


This comes on the heels of a breaking lawsuit that ordered the giant to pay a big fee for misleading customers:

DENVER- Comcast has been ordered by a federal judge in Colorado to pay $1.2 Billion to all of their customers for misleading promotions. Comcast Xfinity actively trained it’s employees to tell customers calling in for sign up services or technical support that they were eligible for free upgrades of higher speed internet on their accounts. The agents would not tell the customers that the signups included additional charges as well as cancellation fees, which the Colorado State Attorney General said was illegal and constituted consumer fraud.



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The facebook Comcast Sucks is growing in numbers, reaching nearly 20,000 ‘fans’ at the time of this writing



ComCast rep says “we just don’t care” about customer retention:


If you’ve ever had to call Comcast’s customer service, you’re familiar with how frustrating a simple cable fix can be. The department is the main reason for the company’s notorious national reputation. In the past year, multiple calls to 1-800-COMCAST went viral online thanks to beleaguered customers who wanted to get thepromotion they were promisedprotest phony charges or, most memorably, cancel their service. Last summer, for example, one customer posted audio from a call with Comcast after the customer service representative tried, for 20 painful minutes, to talk him out of changing his cable provider.

In March, Comcast announced that in order to improve its customer service – which the company’s own CEO called “embarrassing” – it would be tripling the size of its social media team to try to solve problems online. But the country’s largest cable company can’t solve everything via Twitter. In our latest Confessions series installment, a Comcast customer service representative tells what it’s like from inside the call center. Spoiler alert: It’s not so pleasant.

Comcast’s customer service has been having a rough time lately. What’s it like on your end when cringe-worthy calls go viral?
We want to keep customers, but if someone says they want to leave, I don’t personally care. The one call that went viral [last summer], I don’t even know how that would happen; that’s just not how the conversation goes down when a customer wants to cancel. You try to offer them a good deal, but you don’t try to force them to stay.




dlenoxx wrote:

My hopes have slowly been diminished and crushed as requirements from ‘upper management’ become more strict, and not on promoting people to work harder but discouraging people from being helpful. The red tape that we drown in over thephone gives us the ability to say “Sorry” and if you talk to a good person they’ll actually pray your issue gets fixed as it flows down the rusted, broken down pipe.

Greedy lying manipulative sales people, technicians that blame dispatch and a dispatch that blames technicians, a training department that spends eight weeks on how to setup an account and two weeks on how to fix issues, outsourcing agents (OSRs) that DO read from scripts for out of date billing/repair systems and still manage to mess things up.

The stress from being one of the few in my office that know how to, and actually want to, fix things is overwhelming [sic] when it seems there are more rules in place to prevent that than help…

Clearly this is an outburst from a frustrated employee who feels stymied by his company policy. And it obviously resonates with customers. The topic was so popular, the comments section was filled to the brim with upwards of 2,500 comments (as of this writing).

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