Who’s gonna be President? Never been wrong Psychic gives her take and it’s going viral

She predicted Obama’s rise in 2008, and Mitt Romney’s failure in 2012 before anybody knew he’d be the nominee.


She even predicted that Ben Carson would rise and fall in the GOP nomination, and in 2014 said Bernie Sanders would challenge Hillary Clinton, and lose.


Anita Korova of Brighton Beach has even predicted the fall of her native Soviet Union in 1988 to amazed audiences in Brooklyn as foreign policy experts poo pooed her.



Now she has a Prediction for 2016, and it’s blowing everyone out of the water.



“Mr. Trump will continue to rise in the polls, and Hillary Clinton will crumble away as more leaks expose her corruption,” says Korova, with a caveat, “Gary Johnson has the ascendent crest of Apollo. He will either win New Mexico, or will turn it competitive and Trump may win there too. It’s cloudy.”

Korova’s predictions have been right thus far. Is she right, or did she finally make an incorrect prediction?

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