Russia Develops Weapon That Stops Nuclear Missiles In Prep For War With US

In preparation for a full Ariel and ground assault of the United States, Russian military scientists under President Vladimir Putin have developed a weapon that can immediately prevent and disable any nuke that is dropped by a jet or launched by missile within a 500 mile radius.

The weapon, called the “Unichtozhitel'” which is Russian for The Destroyer, resembles a satellite. The weapon can send giant electromagnetic rays into the sky and surrounding areas around the¬†Unichtozhitel’ vicinity, rendering any nuke useless to detonation. The otherwise lethal warhead will instead drop into the ground without detonation.

Such a weapon can be used to prevent an attack on Russian soil, while Russia itself can dominate air superiority by taking out a nation with nukes until the country surrenders. In war games, a war between Russia and another nuclear power, say the United States, would go on with conventional jets and ground troops ¬†for as long as sustainable until one side that is losing will threaten to use nuclear weapons if the other side does not move for peace. In this instance, Russia now has complete superiority in the battle field. If Putin chose to, he could drop a nuke on a US city and demand our surrender and the acceptance of Russian troops on US soil to complete an occupation. In a normal situation the US could meet this challenge with it’s own nuclear weapons dropped on Russian cities, but the¬†Unichtozhitel’ would now prevent that from happening. With this weapon Putin is one step closer to completing world domination.



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