Upstate New York Cops confirm sightings of Dangerous “Creepy Clowns” is your town invaded?

Is your town experiencing Creepy Clowns?


Upstate residents are fleeing from the circus performing nightmare clowns, just in time for Halloween.


Amsterdam NY, next to the Mohawk River and 45 miles away from Albany:


Reports of scary clownshas taken over social media, and the most recent Capital Region spotting took place in Amsterdam.

Several middle school boys said they were chased by a clown on different streets. The police department received four complaints on Wednesday meaning children either saw one or was chased by one at four different times at four different locations.

Yahir Feliziano said he was chased by the clown. He said he was scared for his life.

“He looked like he would’ve hurt me,” he said.

Feliziano said the unexpected encounter occurred around 2:30 p.m. while he walked home from Lynch Middle School.

“I told my friend to look behind us, and there was a clown, like, walking behind us, and we started running, and then he just started coming after us,” he explained.

That was the first reported incident. The next one happened at 8 p.m. at 60 Division St. Forty minutes later, a report came from Storrie Street. The last one came at 9:49 p.m. on Division Street.

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Schenectady and Utica are also experiencing the clowns.



A clown watch “Heat Map” shows where people are talking about clowns, which doesn’t correspond directly with sightings, but rather their interest and whether people have spoke about sightings on social media.



Unfortunately the “clown sighting” in Albany simply was the Assembly finishing their jobs.

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