Monthly Archive: September 2016


Sponsored Link Comcast Ordered To Pay $1.2 Billion To Customers For Sleazy Misleading Promotions

DENVER- Comcast has been ordered by a federal judge in Colorado to pay $1.2 Billion to all of their customers for misleading promotions. Comcast Xfinity actively trained it’s employees to tell customers calling in...


Sponsored Link Breaking: Creepy Carolina Clowns campaigning for Clinton

The Creepy Carolina Clowns terrorizing North and South Carolina are Hillary Clinton campaign volunteers, trying to spread her message of hope, says the clowns to reporters. The Clowns just want to be loved, and...


Sponsored Link Revenge Of Harambe Seen In Hurricane Hermine Dopplar

A US Doppler Radar scan picked up the most disturbing images yet of hurricane Hermine. Some are saying the Doppler shows the storm to look like a gorilla, which led many to say that...


Sponsored Link Rockefeller Sells $1.2 Billion Worth Of Chase Coastal Real Estate Amid Rising Sea Levels

101 Year Old David Rockefeller, the scone of the Rockefeller family fortune, has reportedly sold all of his family’s and Chase Manhattan’s real estate holdings along the coasts throughout the world. From massive condo...