Monthly Archive: October 2016


Sponsored Link Developing: Hillary campaign bus just collided in Colorado on Highway

Fate is a fickle demon to tame, and it appears that Hillary Clinton is on the bad side of God.     Hillary’s bus now appears to be totally derailed by an errant Weiner...


Sponsored Link North Carolina residents fearful as gators are now swimming in Matthew flood waters

The media isn’t reporting how big and dangerous the floods in North Carolina are, focusing instead on the drama of the Presidential race. But now alligators are now swimming down luxury avenues in Lumberton, North Carolina. Things...


Sponsored Link Leaked Clinton emails shows the REAL reason why Harambe was Killed

Graphic:   Hillary Clinton’s emails have been dumped by WikiLeaks. Now the facts about Harambe have been revealed, and it’s not pretty. “Get that f*cking gorilla out of the zoo,” wrote Hillary Clinton’s campaign...