Saratoga NY Creepy Clown gets beaten by local “rednecks” after spying on 13 year old girl

Albany NY-

Local men who term themselves as the “Angry Rednecks” caught a peeping tom Creepy Clown who keep peering into people’s windows at the Pine and Oaks trailer park in Milton NY.

Residents of the trailer park noticed the clown peeking in the windows starting October 1st, and it wasn’t a halloween prank. The people the clown kept peeking at were typically teenaged girls.

The local bar goers and hunters were enraged, and decided to trick the sneaky clown with their own form of justice.


“We took our guns, and we took our beatin’ sticks,” said Jeremiah Dunlap, or Ballston Spa, “and we waited for the creepy clown”

Dunlaps mother lives in the park, and told her 27 year old son about the scandal.

At 3am, Dunlap and friends grabbed the clown, threw a net over him, and began to beat him up.


Scarily, the clown did not reveal who he was. When the “rednecks” called the cops, they turned around to see the clown escaping.


Unfortunately, the clown got away, and Dunlap got a ticket for endangering the welfare of others… just because he hit the clown.




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