Schenectady NY opens its first “Vaginal Massage Parlor,” women insist its relieves stress

No happy endings here at the new vaginal massage parlor in Schenectady, where top doctors and massage artists insist it is just for health.


Women’s today explains:

Look, we know that if someone offered you a ‘vagina massage’ you’d most likely run far, far away or possibly slap them. It just sounds like a front for ‘oi, let me finger you’. It sounds dodgy.

But apparently vagina massages are a thing – and they’re more than just a sexual experience.

Women’s Health brought our attention to the existence of vagina massages – also known as yoni massage and tantric massage – this week, interviewing expert yoni massage practitioner Isis Phoenix.

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The Parlor is slated to be opened in December.

This may help the struggling city as plans to revitilize the downtown area have fallen flat.


Ho Ho ho!

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