It’s Alive! The Great Barrier reef is NOT dead and Scientists want you to stop sharing it

The Great Barrier reef went through a bleaching event, yet despite that, news media publications have said that the reef is now dead.


“It’s almost like going to Vermont in the winter and saying the forest is dead because it has no leaves,” said Professor Daniel Borowinski Scientist, member of the National Ocean Sciences department, “the reef is not dead, and people didn’t kill it.”


Scientists want people to stop sharing the article because it’s “climate alarmism,” which makes people believe less in catastrophie and gives ammo to “climate deniers.”

From LA Times:

So how can you remain hopeful about the fate of Great Barrier Reef and other reefs in the Pacific?

I work on a research site in the Christmas Islands that is literally smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and which was much more devastated than the Great Barrier Reef. It was worse off than any reef in the world with up to 85% mortality. But even in the face of that whole-scale destruction, we saw individual corals that were still alive, looking like nothing had happened.

I cling to that. I know from my own site that there is a lot more resilience baked into the system then we can hope to understand right now and that out of the rubble will come a reef that may not look exactly like it looked before, but may be better adapted for future temperature change.

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