A “Creepy Clown” just tried to terrorize the wrong rural Florida town and got the lesson of his life

The entire Creepy Clown phenominon is sweeping the nation, but one rural area in central Florida had enough, and the clown got the lesson of his life.

In Florida, the Castle Doctrine, or stand your ground law, has supporters, and detractors. According to the law, you can shoot anyone on your property who poses immediate threat to you. One Floridian in Pasco County did just that to a clown.


Pasco County Florida is a rural county north of Tampa. The eastern part is known for farms, while the western part is known for beaches. The clown entered the wrong part of the county.


This comes 2 days after a Pasco teen was arrested for threatening his middle school with violence under the name of “Sprinkles the clown”


Now another Sprinkles wannabe was in Dade City, north of the Polk county line, and an hour away from Tampa on 301.

It happened ironically enough, off “McDonald Lane” off Route 98/301

The Clown was peeking into the windows of the mobile homes trying to either scare, or to harass the locals.


Roger Brown, a 34 year old resident of the town, had enough, watching the clown from his window. When the clown appeared on his property, Brown, a delivery truck driver, told him to get off his property. When the clown became hostile and slowly walked towards him, Brown shot the clown in the knees with a 9 mm Hi Point handgun.


The clown immediately ran into the woods.


Brown’s girlfriend called the sheriff’s department to report the incident, and no charges were filed.


Residents of Dade City, however, are happy Brown shot the clown.


“I hope he won’t come around here again, and it will send a message to anybody trying to harass our small town,” said Annbeth Wilson, a private daycare provider.




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