WIKILEAKS: Hillary Had Gaddafi Killed To Stop One Africa “Moorish” Currency

A report is circulating that one of the most damning emails of the Clinton leaked email file is in regards to her decision as Secretary Of State to have Muammar Gaddafi Killed and the radical jihadists opposing him armed with weapons from her military corporate backers. The report states that Gaddafi was planning to announce what he’d spoken about for years to the League of African Nations: a African Currency backed by the gold standard, giving to allegiance to any bank or federal reserve.  The Wall Street backers behind Hillary would have been devastated by this, as is supposedly said in an email to Hillary’s chief aide:


” Huma,



I’m not some guy who can be ignored.  Everyone agrees that the Gaddafi situation is at a boiling point; she must act now or press president Obama to move on him before the conversation goes back to the moorish currency idea.  If the colonel makes that announcing then we will be already too late.  You know what that means just as well as I do.




The email apparently belongs to bank of Israel chairman Stanley Fischer, who later  became vice chair of the US federal Reserve in 2014.    Was Muammar Gaddafi Killed for the pushing of a “moorish”  currency?




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