Busboy from Albany speaks out: “Clinton touched me in 2006 when she was Senator”

It appears that a new accuser has come out of the shadows, this time in Hillary’s back yard.


John DiAngelo of Albany, New York, was waiting tables at Paradisio in 2006 when Hillary was running for re-eleciton.


He was only 16.


According to DiAngelo, Mrs. Clinton visited with staffers, and had a bit too much to drink.


“She thought she would give me a tip,” Mr. DiAngelo began, “but in the end it was the shock of my life.”

DiAngelo, a poor Albany native, has since moved on to work at other establishments in Albany, now a cook at a prestigious hotel in Latham, a suburb.


“I was only 16.”

DiAngelo, a Bernie Sanders supporter, did not say whether he’d vote for Trump, but it’s clear he is not voting for Hillary.
“My therapist has diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”




We have not been able to verify this story however.



Note, the name of the  accuser has been changed.

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