Monthly Archive: November 2016


Sponsored Link SEN Introduces our new Editor: Vladimir P from St. Petersberg Florida

We would like to introduce you to our content editor, a man who runs our site with an iron fist, but is very generous.   Before we publish any of our wonderful articles, we...


Sponsored Link Breaking: Anthony Weiner shocked Cyber Monday is not what he thought it was

Anthony Weiner, the former husband of Huma Abadin, is upset with 2016’s Cyber Monday. Unlike most Americans, who use the day to frequent online retailers, Weiner expected a different sort of sale.   Weiner...


Sponsored Link Breaking: Fidel Castro registered as a Democrat in Miami today

As the liberals of the world mourned Fidel Castro’s death, he suddenly appeared on the voting rolls in Miami Florida as a member of the Democrat Party.   This is the new voting outreach...


Sponsored Link FBI Clinton Investigation “Leaker” has just been found dead. Officials call it “Suicide”

For some reason whenever a Hillary Clinton critic comes out and embarasses her, they wind up dead by “suicide:”     Via Colorado’s “Denver Guardian” Investigators believe FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and...


Sponsored Link Putin Prepared To Launch 2000 Super Nukes At US If Hillary Is Elected

Vladimir Putin means business.  Knowing that a war with Hillary is imminent if she becomes president,  he’s prepared to launch 2000 Super Nukes on election night,  obliterating the United States and making Russia sole...