Putin Prepared To Launch 2000 Super Nukes At US If Hillary Is Elected

Vladimir Putin means business.  Knowing that a war with Hillary is imminent if she becomes president,  he’s prepared to launch 2000 Super Nukes on election night,  obliterating the United States and making Russia sole of world super power.  This is what rumors circulating Russian media are saying.  Meanwhile,  Russia has built nuclear bunkers under Moscow that can house up to two million people to prepare for war.

Meanwhile,  an eager Russian state media presented to the populace pictures of the nuke that would be used to wipe out the United States.

A Russian missile design company unveiled the first image of a new weapon in Russia’s arsenal: the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, nicknamed “Satan 2.”

The RS-28 Sarmat rocket “is capable of wiping out parts of the earth the size of Texas or France,” Russian state news outlet Sputnik reported.

The image was published by the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau on its website.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borsiov said the Sarmat warhead was capable of destroying targets flying across both North and South Poles, Russian state news agency TASS reported Tuesday.

The missile will have a range exceeding 11,000 kilometers (6,835 miles), TASS said. The warhead will weigh 100 tons and is designed as a successor to the R-36M Voyevoda.

According to a statement posted on the maker’s website, “the Sarmat is designed to provide strategic Russian forces with a guaranteed and effective fulfillment of nuclear deterrence tasks” and is being co-developed with the Russian military.

The Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau’s website describes it as “one of largest research and design centers in Russia for the development of rocket and space technology.”

If launched,  these Nukes could evade radar and reach the United States within a few minutes of firing. The strikes would be so strong and hit so fast,  that the US wouldn’t even have time to respond until it was too late, and all forms of command structure for the federal government would be destroyed.


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