SHOCK: Insiders say Al Gore may be trying to become Trump’s Secretary of State

Al Gore, the man who invented the internet and Global Warming may become Donald Trump’s Secretary of State, if he gets his way.
Gore met with Trump today at Trump Tower for a secret meeting.


Now un named insiders are saying the inventor of the internet is going to become the Secretary of State.

Gore’s plans for ISIS are a bit different than Trump’s who wants to “knock the hell out of them”


Gore, “To fight the Islamic State, or ISIL, we must lecture them about their abuses. They’ve burnt too many fossil fuels, and we must put sanctions on them for violating the Paris Climate Accords.”

Gore’s plans for Iran: “We must lecture them about their abuses over the desert mole. They’ve been dangerous enemies to Mother Nature by hunting the mole without first asking the UN whether they have the environmental duty to do so.”

And Gore was furious with China “They have too many factories. The solution? Lecture them on how to properly treat Gaia, mother nature, by giving them incentives to create Algae hamburgers and clean burning sweat shops.”

Gore, who invented Global Warming, is trying to sell his vision for a pleasureless society to Trump. Now he has become the second most prominent liberal democrat to visit Trump tower for the job, the first being Mitt Romney.


Who’s better, Gore, or Romney? Both are high powered Democrats who almost won the Presidency. Both would be terrible Secretaries of State.

Is this a good idea?

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