With 45 days to go until he’s out of office, The Obamas purchase home in Canada

It looks like Rosie Odonnell isn’t the only celebrity to be moving to Canada after Trump won, even though she says she isn’t.


None other than President Obama has secretly purchased real estate in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

When asked about it, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest told NBC reporters:


Where the President moves to after he’s in office isn’t Constitutionally mandated. Why don’t you focus on Trump’s taxes, and fake news, before you question the President’s choice of living arrangements?

Justin Trudeau, the child king of Canada, was delighted that his BFF and “role model” will be moving nearby.


But sources say the Obamas won’t actually live there full time, as their socialized medicine and high taxes make it a bad place to live.

“He’d have to be crazy to live in a place with socialized medicine, and bank breaking taxes,” said a close ally, “it’s ridiculous to imagine anybody wanting to undergo such conditions.”


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