Rogue One’s biggest shock: new character introduced: Jyn Erso dies and her droid

The actress lives, but her character Jyn Erso dies in the new film released today,


This is, in some ways, maybe the biggest surprise in the history of “Star Wars,” even surpassing Han Solo’s death at the hands of his own son in “The Force Awakens.”  Think of it — Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, all those actors we’ve just gotten to know in this context won’t be around for another film. (Unless … and this is always possible … Disney makes a prequel to this film.) Their action figures will become memorial totems. I would seriously like to be in theaters when all the people waiting for their happy ending get this instead.

But shocking as it may be, it also makes “Rogue One” a better movie — the sacrifice made to get the plans is ultimate.

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