Did Obama just apologize to Japan’s Prime Minister for Pearl Harbor at his final meeting?

The internet is going nuts with the rumor that Obama just apologized to Shinzo Abe, the leader of Japan, for Pearl Harbor.


It wouldn’t be out of character for Obama, who has bowed to foreign dictators. But, it appears that this isn’t true.


But he didn’t say “God Bless America,” which is upsetting a lot of people.


Obama shocks World saying THIS at his final Pearl Harbor speech with Japanese PM Abe


Obama didn’t apologize for Japan bombing Pearl Harbor, but instead of honoring the sacrifices of the brave GIs in WW2, Obama instead focused on his favorite topic: himself.


Now even worse, this was in front of the Japanese minister, who should have been apologizng to US for Pearl Harbor.



Obama finished off his speech with a shocking statement. “God Bless us All.” Uh… dude. You’re the President of the US. Act it.


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