Fact check: Did George Michaels say he would rather be dead than perform for Trump’s inaugural?

What has gotten into people at the end of 2016? It’s INSANE!

Liberals claim in a meme that the recently deceased George Michael would “rather die” than sing at Trump’s inaugural. The meme is going viral. The problem? Michael never said that.




Prnly reports:

Michael never said that, and largely steered clear of politics. Even more insane is the fact that Michael, a proud Britisher, was never in the position to comment on the political arena in the United States to begin with.

But liberals are turning a death into a weapon, something they love to do. Expect the disreputable Washington Post to mock Michael’s legacy somehow by bashing Trump. It will happen. Trust us.

What were Michael’s REAL political stances?

It shouldn’t matter, but here they are:

Shoot The Dog

Michael is definitely liberal, but doesn’t toe any party line. He was happy to hear about California’s legalization of gay marriage (before it was reversed by Proposition 8).6 But he doesn’t think churches should be forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies if they oppose it.7

He was an outspoken critic of former U.S. President George W. Bush and the Iraq War. His song “Shoot The Dog” is an attack on Bush and former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s cozy relationship.8 During a tour, when he played the song, a large inflatable caricature of Bush would appear, and after Michael unzipped its pants, a dog with a British flag on its back would pop out. The dog’s head was in a compromising position in the inflatable Bush’s crotch.9

Conservative David Cameron didn’t fare any better than his Labour predecessor. Michael said this about the Prime Minister:

Cameron must be the most cowardly PM we’ve seen for decades.10

So even though he was willing to criticize a liberal prime minister, he criticized him for being a puppet of a conservative. And even though he supported the church with regard to gay marriage, it seems to stem from a belief in freedom of–and from–religion. Conclusion:

With Trump supporting gay rights right off the bat, he is now the first President in history to campaign on, and win the Presidency supporting gay marriage. Even Obama wasn’t “for” gay marriage in 2008 as he campaigned against McCain. Obama famously said it was an act between one man and one women. Obama later “evolved” on the issue, to score political points and to bash his opponent Romney, a strict Mormon.



FACT CHECK: Liberals cruelly say George Michael would rather die than sing at Trump’s inauguration

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