97 Year Old George Soros Receives 3rd Heart Transplant, Announces Committee On Death In America

George Soros, the 97 year old socialist billionaire who agitates civil unrest across America, received his 3rd heart transplant this morning. The routine was successful. The strong as an ox Soros then announced his “Project On Death In America” where the organization will work to change the stigma on death to make Americans embrace and feel more comfortable about it. sought to “understand and transform the culture and experience of dying and bereavement.” In 1994, Soros delivered a speech in which he reported that he had offered to help his mother, a member of the Hemlock Society, commit suicide. In the same speech, he also endorsed the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, proceeding to help fund its advertising campaign.

George Soros meanwhile is actively working to increase his own age of life by harvesting the organs of others, as seen with the success of his heart transplant.

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