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Sponsored Link Breaking: Bikers for Trump start journey to D.C. for Donald Trump (WATCH)

The bikers are coming out all over America, and backing Trump for his inauguration in 2 short weeks. You won’t believe what they’re up to: Bikers For Trump Ride Again, This Time To DC...


Sponsored Link Trump may have US leave the United Nations and Putin might just join him

It looks like the UN is up to it’s anti semetic shenanigans, and Obama is to blame, according to the PM BiBi Netanyahu,.   Now with new reports emerging, it may get far worse...


Sponsored Link VOTE: Should FOX News fire Juan Williams? 91% say yes in a new poll

A new poll released shows that many people want Juan Williams of FOX NEWS should be removed from “The Five” for his “Outrageous shenanigans”     What do you think? 91% of readers of...


Sponsored Link Zuckerberg To Track Fake News Owners Through FB & have Robots Kill Them

Marc Zuckerberg announced from Facebook’s robot kill program enter today in Pasadena, California that the social networking company will be having magnetic, feminist robots kill the owners of fake news sites across the world....