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Sponsored Link Poll: Should radical Islam be outlawed in the United States?

Should President Trump pass an executive order banning radical Islam from even being practiced in the US?   Vote now and weigh in.     The poll is going viral.  


Sponsored Link Trump’s new hair style is getting applause from America

What do you think of President Trump’s new hair style?   Donald Trump spoke to the nation after he announced Judge Gorsuch, and many fashion mavens were cheering on his new hair cut. “He looks...


Sponsored Link FACT CHECK: President Trump just labeled George Soros a National Security Threat

Did President Trump label George Soros, the alt-left financer, a national security threat to America? According to Washingtonfeed and Conservative Daily Post, he did: It’s no surprise that one of the most hated people...


Sponsored Link Breaking: Enraged Netanyahu about to LEAK shock details about DC Pedophile ring

Is this related to #Pizzagate?   A Furious Benjamin Netanyahu is about to release sordid details about a DC Pedophile ring. reports Israel on Wednesday made public for the first time some...


Sponsored Link Breaking: Bikers for Trump start journey to D.C. for Donald Trump (WATCH)

The bikers are coming out all over America, and backing Trump for his inauguration in 2 short weeks. You won’t believe what they’re up to: Bikers For Trump Ride Again, This Time To DC...


Sponsored Link Trump may have US leave the United Nations and Putin might just join him

It looks like the UN is up to it’s anti semetic shenanigans, and Obama is to blame, according to the PM BiBi Netanyahu,.   Now with new reports emerging, it may get far worse...